We are skilled in providing habitat restorations, repairs and alterations which includes native parasites, woodland and wetlands.

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We treat all animals with the respect they deserve. This includes following all state and federal policies to ensure animal and human safety.

Have a Heart Wildlife

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          Wildlife Removal.
Servicing Southern Cook, Will, and Kankakee counties
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Have a Heart Wildlife for humane wildlife removal! 

We have been providing professional wildlife removal, wildlife rescue and wildlife rehabilitation services for over 30 years.  Have a Heart Wildlife always take special care to safely and humanely remove all nuisance wildlife and their young then relocate them into their natural habitat. 
We also have the capability to restore and repair habitats or damaged areas caused by wildlife.


Safely and humanely remove and relocate animals such as Bats, Beavers and Coyotes; Birds, Skunks and Snakes back to their habitat. We will also repair damage caused by animals.