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Our Story

Have a Heart Wildlife has been serving the Chicago region since 1982. We remove nuisance wildlife and repair animal damage. We also control invasive plant and fish species, rehabilitate migratory birds and do prairie, woodland, and wetland restorations. The Butterprint Farm does educational outreach on rural wildlife and farm history in the fall.

We have been providing professional wildlife removal, wildlife rescue and wildlife rehabilitation services for over 30 years and always take special care to on every project. We are Licensed by Illinois Department of Natural Resources, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, International Society of Arboriculture,and the Illinois Department of Agriculture. 

CTIVE Member Illinois Arborists Association OF  N.W.C.O.A., AND I.W.C.O.A. Self employed Wildlife Biologist.

Director of the Historic Butterprint Farm.

Have a Heart Wildlife

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